Fire Extinguishers and Recharge Services

  • Install new certification tag with month, year, type of service performed, type of extinguisher and who performed service.
  • Inspect bracket, installation and proper signage.
  • Verify proper type and size of extinguisher for location mounted and type of hazard.
  • Invert cylinder and fluff chemical by patting cylinder.
  • Remove existing safety seal, check pull pin operation, and install new safety seal.
  • Check weight of extinguisher for proper weight according to manufacturer's specifications on name plate.
  • Remove and inspect hose or nozzle for wear and tear and verify it is clear of obstructions.
  • Determine from manufacturer's date if 6 years maintenance or 12 years hydrostatic test is required per NFPA 10.
  • Visual and physical inspection of cylinder for dents, corrosion, missing parts and manufacturer's date.
  • Visual inspection of pressure gauge for proper pressure.

Per Standard NFPA 25 Guidelines

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