Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Visual inspection on accessible below the ceiling pipe and sprinkler heads for condition and coverage.
  • A detailed report submitted to the City to meet code requirements.
  • Audible & physical test of water motor gong / electric bell & trim accessories.
  • Operate inspectors test valve to activate water gong / electric bell & verify functional flow of system.
  • Exercise and lubricate valves as needed.
  • Visual inspection of system pressure gauges.
  • Testing of flow & tamper switches.
  • Visual inspection of spare sprinkler head box.
  • Testing of static & residual pressures to verify unobstructed & adequate water supply.
  • Service tag installed on system riser & inspectors test valve.

Per Standard NFPA 25 Guidelines

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Available Fire Sprinklers

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