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A working fire sprinkler system can be the most important thing to help you minimize damage if a fire occurs. At Affordable Fire & Safety, we are here to provide you with the best fire safety practices possible. With over 20 years of servicing fire prevention systems, we ensure you are in compliance National Fire Protection Association standards, keeping your fire sprinkler system equipment ready and working properly.

Fire sprinkler systems are an active fire protection measure. These systems consist of a water supply system, providing pressure and flow rate to a water distributing pipe system where fire sprinklers are connected. Types of fire sprinkler systems include dry pipe, wet pipe, pre-action deluge, foam and water spray.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services

Affordable Fire & Safety technicians conducts a comprehensive fire sprinkler inspection including:

  • Testing of flow and tamper switches
  • Visible inspection of below ceiling piping and sprinkler heads for condition and coverage
  • Audible and physical test of motor gong
  • Audible and physical test of electric bell
  • Verifying functional flow of system
  • Lubrication of valves
  • Visual inspection of pressure gauges
  • Visual inspection of sprinkler head box
  • Testing of static and residual pressures
  • Service tag installation on system riser and test valve

Inspection documentation

Proper documentation of commercial fire inspections is required by law. According to NFPA regulations, overall inspection records must be maintained for not less than 3 years. Individual inspection records for fire sprinkler systems, testing and maintenance must be kept until the next test is conducted and for one year after.

After inspection by an Affordable Fire & Safety technician you will be provided with a detailed report and a copy will be submitted to the city. The inspection report will include, date of the inspection, name and address of the business, technicians name, the inspecting company’s name and address, signature of inspector of record, an individual record for each inspected device, a description of the tested devices, verification of a visual inspection and a listing of deficiencies. All Affordable Fire & Safety inspections are performed to NFPA 72 guidelines.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Cost

Commercial fire sprinkler system inspection costs vary on the occupancy size and square footage of the building. Affordable Fire & Safety provides competitive pricing on all our or fire sprinkler system inspection services. Our trained technicians have experience with all types of sprinkler systems and are ready to assess and provide you with a thorough sprinkler system inspection.

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